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antiscia - aspect display

When you first open Mercurius, it won’t take long before you realize that this is an astrology program like no other. It has a clean, intuitive interface, but it is likely to take you a very long time to realize just how powerful Mercurius really is.

Although the default settings are for the William Lilly purist,  it’s the only fully customizable Traditional astrology software available. Leave the settings as they are and you can be sure all is true to the methods of the English master.

It would be impossible to cite all the features here, but there are some that truly stand out. For example, this is the only astrology program that calculates Accidental as well as Essential dignities. Neither Solar Fire, Janus nor Morinus  include this function. Yet as Traditional astrologers will tell you, the Accidental Dignities are needed in addition to the Essential Dignities to calculate the Lord or Lady of the Geniture  A graph showing both Essential and Accidental Dignities are shown on the right of the screen. Brilliant !

It also includes flags for Peregrine, Under the Beams, Hayze,  Oriental, Occidental and more within the Dignities report.

planetary parts display

I very much like the  Fixed Star functionailty. In other program I’ve used, you can only choose one orb for all stars, if at all. Usually it’s one degree. But the Traditional writers tell us that stars such as Regulus and Algol, require much larger orbs.

Mercurius is the only programme that calculates and displays the Planetary Parts according to Al Biruni.  Antiscia can be calculated and displayed on the wheel also.  It calculates humours according to Lilly, but this is also customizable.

In short, it does everything that the traditional astrologer requires. At €500 it’s not cheap; but once you purchase, you will never have to pay for upgrades … ever ! Particularly if you’re a devotee of William Lilly, you won’t need another astrology program. You’ll need a fast computer with four gigs of ram or more for optimal results. However, I’ve run it with only two gigs and it was fully functional.

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